UKAS ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001:2004 Quality and Environment Management System Certification (from 2012)

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Award Green Organisation Certificate “Wastewi$e Certificate” from Environmental Campaign Committee in 2017

Got "Green Acheivement - Excellence Award & Silver Award" from HKBC (2011 & 2012)

Got "Green Office Award" from Kitty Poon, Undersecretary of Environment Bureau of HK in 2011

Air Misty spraying gun
Air Misty Patent Spraying Gun

FluEnd Natural Disinfectant

FluEnd WP ENGFluEnd is one of the latest natural disinfectants in Japan, it is different with other general disinfectants, it can last for up to six months (Depends on different environment)

Our adept technical staff equip with professional spraying gun and standard method to spray FluEnd on whole house areas. Through using super fine mist spray system, 1mL of solution can be created 400,000 minus ions, and the negative repulsion effect causes the Flu End particles to penetrate and disperse into each and every corner.

As the raw material of FluEnd is natural, so it will not cause any side effect to human and it will not affect the surface color of furniture.

Air Misty spraying nozzle is a patented technology by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency The super fine mist can avoid wetting surrounding areas and as well can allow FluEnd to be penetrated into each corner, creating excellent anti-bacteria/disinfectant effect quickly.

Mechanism of Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacteria

Bactena/Virus contacts Flu End
Flu End causes changes or solidification in the proteins of bacteria/Vruses, causing the bacteria and virus to be inactive.

Application of FluEnd

Locations Spray Frequency
hospital room *Hospital, Clinic Weekly
*Public Area, Shopping Hall, Playground Monthly
School, Kindergarden, Nurseries, Elderly Homes Quaterly
Office Quaterly
Gym, Beauty Centre, Cinemas Quaterly
Residence Bi-Yearly

* For crowded areas, it is suggested for Flu End to be sprayed weekly or monthly.

If there is any enquiry, please dial 2904 8878 to contact our customer service officer, we can provide professional and free quotation, thank you!

**If customers choose to use our disinfection services, 5% of profits will be used as community participation expenses ** Thank you for participation and support!