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Multifunction carpet cleaning machines

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3M Scotchgard Spray Cleaner

Carpet cleaning process

CC Process Eng withoutH RThe company in addition to providing cleaning services, but also offers a variety of pest control and carpet cleaning services, and other diversified services. Services include: offices, homes, shops, schools and hotels and so on.

In order to enhance the cleaning effect, the company selected 3M carpet cleaning agents and noble multifunctional brush machine, can effectively remove surface stains on the carpet over, can greatly reduce the loss of the carpet. We are convinced that an appropriate set of tools and professional help is more secure and more efficient job done. Naturally more at ease when customers choose our services.

In order to maintain consistently high quality service to customers, the company's technical staff are highly trained, professional, honest and efficient is our hospitality.

Short-haired general office carpet, we recommend using spray cleaning methods.

Operational processes

  1. manpower from stains: manually remove local carpet dirt.
  2. dilution and spray cleaner: 3M carpet cleaner diluted and sprayed on the carpet.
  3. spray: Use washing machine to clean carpet stains suction pad.
  4. spray insecticides: the carpet surface spray insecticides.

3M carpet cleaners benefits

  • Easy to use and quick-drying, can greatly shorten the operation time.
  • fully refurbished time may be extended every time you need.
  • effectively remove surface stains on the carpet, without damaging the carpet surface.

For health reasons, we should not ignore the carpet cleaned and maintained regularly. In addition to carpet cleaning, the professional pest control service will ensure a comfortable environment for customers.

If there is any enquiry, please dial 2904 8878 to contact our customer service officer, we can quote the price to you, thank you!